Are Edgars Ciniņš and Eva Ciniņa now paying off Lembergs’ money?

Lately, the infamous Edgars Ciniņš and Eva Ciniņa have been trying to attract attention on the internet using lies and propaganda.  Over their long careers the two have managed to not only acquire a shady reputation but also the status of money launderers and backstabbers.

Knowledgeable people say there is a generally poor opinion of Eva Ciniņa in Ventspils transit business industry – high society lady allegedly spends a lot of time having fun and frivolously spending hard-earned money. And the fact that the money flow has ceased is the main reason for Eva’s and Edgars’ hysteria.

Many internet comments poke fun at Eva Ciniņa, who has become a self-proclaimed defender of Latvia’s interests, and as one particular comment posted under her yet another flight of fantasy said: ‘Even a complete moron knows that the only thing this lady is worried about is the fact that she can no longer maintain her wasteful lifestyle’.

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As one high-ranking manager in Vetnspils transit business described ‘the cream of the crop’ Eva Ciniņa – she is no longer able to ‘hang out in restaurants and down wine!’ The woman whose ex/current husband (Edgars’ and Eva’s relationship is odd to the point when domestic violence and emotional abuse from her ‘husband’ warrants a separate article altogether) had provided her a well-paid job instead spent all her time in Riga posing as a top manager and eating out at the best restaurants. Now that both of them have been tossed out of Ventspils transit business, their emotional activities have become more understandable.

No less exhausted is Edgars Ciniņš, who has earned ‘fame’ of a backstabber and self-proclaimed mountain-pusher (promised many a miracles but failed to deliver anything in the end), as well as an active participant of money laundering schemes organized by Ventspils ‘honourable duke’ Aivars Lembergs. There are also rumours regarding Ciniņš’s ties with Vilis Krištopāns, who resides in USA (Ciniņš also owns a home in Florida, where the ex-Latvian prime minister now stays) and has a very poor reputation in Latvia’s political environment.

‘In politics Edgars Ciniņš is infamous with his ties to dirty money and so-called money bag delivery to political parties at Aivars Lembergs’ behest from years ago. Time will tell if the aforementioned pair played any role in money laundering (people have to pay the bills somehow, right?). However, their hysteria about KPV LV political party is suspicious, considering that this party positions itself as an opponent to Aivars Lembergs – the man officially accused of committing serious crimes. Considering the ties Eva and Edgars share with Lembergs (Eva once worked in Ventspils branch of Hansabanka, servicing the largest clients – all of Lembergs’ associates and himself, whereas Edgars was Lembergs’ ‘bag carrier’), it is no surprise this pair of black sheep are sticking with Lembergs, working hard to pay off the money…’