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Edgars Ciniņš disappoints again. He is accused of stealing confidential documents

Latvian State Police has launched a criminal case regarding theft and publication of confidential business information on the internet. The plaintiff who asked authorities to commence the criminal case accuses Edgars Ciniņš, who was previously put on trial for misappropriating a third party’s money.

In the past Edgars Ciniņš was board member in multiple companies working at Ventspils port, as well as high-ranking manager. However, he was dismissed after losing trust of his partners. Edgars Ciniņš hid from his employers the fact that he had been on trial for misappropriating large amounts of money. It is because of his past sins AS Ventbunkers lost the right to participate in state procurement projects.

Eva Ciniņa – his formally divorced wife – lost her job in AS Ventbunkers in May 2016. She, like her husband, hid from the company information about her husband’s criminal past. On top of that, she had a habit of not being present in her office for work.

She managed the multi-million company remotely, apparently. According to various sources, she preferred to ‘conduct business’ in expensive restaurants and stores selling expensive brand clothes.

After losing all of their posts, Edgars and Eva started a black PR campaign to defame their former employers. To top it off, they also used illegally acquired confidential documents.

According to unofficial sources, Edgars Ciniņš and Eva Ciniņa abused their official status in the company, causing considerable damages. This includes causing damages by authorizing large monetary compensations form themselves.

Edgars Ciniņš does not hide his involvement in theft – unofficial sources claim hearing him boasting as much to other people. This is indirectly confirmed y Guntars Kukuls’ answers provided to Neatkarīgai Rīta newspaper’s question as to where he got documents containing electronic correspondence regarding the sale of shares of SWH Radio. Kukuls said: ‘It was most definitely Edgars Ciniņš. He was the one who was in charge of all that following Meroni’s orders. Once their path with Meroni separated, he decided to speak out. This is no surprise. He doesn’t even try to hide it.’

If Edgars Ciniņš’s guilt ends up proved in court, he could face a five-year prison sentence in accordance with the following sections of the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia: Section 144 “Violating the Confidentiality of Correspondence and Information to be Transmitted over Telecommunications Networks”, Section 200 “Disclosure of Non-disclosable Information, which is not an Official Secret; Unauthorised Acquisition and Disclosure of Information Containing Commercial Secrets, and Unauthorised Disclosure of Inside Information of the Financial Instrument Market” and Section 241 “Arbitrary Accessing Automated Data Processing Systems”.