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Eva Ciniņa and Edgars Ciniņš – the pair that launders dirty money for Latvia’s politics; Does the money return to political parties?

In Latvian political circles Edgars Ciniņš has poor reputation as a person known for delivering so-called money bags to different political parties at Aivars Lembergs’ behest many years ago. This can be surmised from materials of Gita Grasmane’s case (information on Gita Grasmane below).

Ciniņš was the one who carried suitcases full of money to representatives of different political parties. These people are known as Lembergs’ scholarship recipients. Edgars is married to Eva Ciniņa – a woman that has experienced her fair share of scandals, and is known among residents as a big spender and a frequent patron of expensive restaurants. Eva Ciniņa had previously worked in Ventspils branch of Hansabanka, servicing the largest clients (gold clients). This basically means she serviced all of Lembergs’ associates and the man himself.

Who is Gita Grasmane and why are the ties her case has with Edgars Ciniņš so important? Gita Grasmane is long-standing member of Ventspils transit businesses. She is often referred to as the “5% fund accountant”. It was her computer’s hard drive that contained Excel files with nicknames of Lembergs’ scholars, abbreviations and shortened names, as well as information regarding money amounts. The only problem is that she could not explain how and why her e-mail address was used to send to foreign countries many encrypted money transfer orders.

The prosecutor’s office believes money was sucked from Ventspils transit business and sent to offshore companies to be later divided among true beneficiaries, including suspects in Grasmane’s criminal case.

Prosecutor Juris Juriss told journalists in court that money transfer orders pulled from Gita Grasmane’s e-mail were impressive – some amounts measured in millions of US dollars. Grasmane said in court she could not remember if she was the one who sent those e-mails, adding that even if she did indeed send them it was ordered by her boss – Laimonis Junkers.

Now there is talk in Latvia’s political circles that Edgars Ciniņš and Eva Ciniņa have once again become active in political processes. There are some indications that by using old schemes and contacts Edgars Ciniņš, after getting tossed out Ventspils transit business for serious violations and causing serious damages to companies, has become active in the financing of political parties with dirty money. All to acquire access to stable money flow again… This is not at all surprising when you consider his wife’s exquisite and expensive taste!

With that said there is a logical question – has the pair started carrying money bags to political parties again?